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WA 2023 State Championships 

Congratulations to WARWC members for their efforts on the weekend. 
Our members did extremely well and achieved incredible results. Next stop Brisbane!

Medallists are as follows:
Isabelle Curtis U15 1500m (LA U14)
Kaytee Bogaers U16 1500m (LA U15)
Ashlyn Spence U17 1500m (LA U16)
Lataya Lawrence U18 1500m (LA U17)
John Ronan U17 1500m (LA U16) **State record
John Ronan U17 500m
Alexandra Griffin U20 5000m
Kaytee Bogaers U18 500m
Brad Mann Open 500m
Katica Borsic U15 3000m
Kaytee Bogaers U16 3000m
Kieran Smith U14 3000m
Luke Lawrence U16 3000m

Katica Borsic U15 1500m (LA U14)
Luke Lawrence U16 1500m (LA U15)
Aleeah Pike U14 3000m
Isabelle Curtis U15 3000m
Keenan Munro U14 3000m

Leila Bevis U16 1500m (LA U15)
Leila Bevis U16 3000m

State Record

states pow wow.jpg
Congratulations to John Ronan for setting a new state record for Little Athletics U16 1500m. The old record was Declan Tingay's at 5.54.41. John's record now stands at 5.48.92

Well done John! 
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